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Rabbits and guinea pigs will be accommodated in our large summerhouse. All our luxury hutches are 6ft, filled with sawdust and plenty of hay. Your pet/s will be allocated its own hutch for its stay with us. Litter trays provided if litter trained. Water available at all times.

We use Snuggle Pads (warm pads designed for small animals) if the weather gets cold.  


During the day, if the weather is suitable, all pets will be moved to its own large secure run with a water bottle.  These runs consist of a sheltered area, toys including tubes and balls to provide exercise and fun.  As advised by RWAF all rabbit runs are placed on concrete to avoid cross contamination, between visitors. This also makes it easier to clean each day. Dirt patch trays and plenty of hay will also be available. Guinea pigs runs are moved onto a fresh area of grass daily. All runs are covered in case of rain or heat.

The rabbit runs are 7 1/2 foot by 5 foot.  The Guinea pig runs are 6 foot by 2 1/2 foot.

Summerhouse - 'The Burrow'

Housing the pets indoors for the night ensures they are not exposed to natural predators including foxes, cats and birds.
The summerhouse is locked for the night, so no one can get in or out.
We have a radio playing in times of fireworks, or for any reason pets are to be hutched, to help ease any stress and for comfort.
All windows have a fly screen to prevent unwanted insects.
All animals will be back in their hutches before dark, when they will have supper.  No pet will ever be left out in runs in the dark.

We have one two storey hutch, made of two 6 foot hutches, with a connecting ramp.  
See photograph below.

We also have a Facebook site on which we have photographs of the accommodation, our current and previous guests.

You do not need a Facebook account or to supply any information to view the photographs.

To view the albums click on the Facebook icon to the right of this text.

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