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No rabbit will be allowed to board without proof of valid vaccinations certificate for both myxomotosis and VHD on arrival.  Our rabbits certificate is shown for you to know your pet is safe to board with us!

All animals must be in good health and all medical conditions discussed with us before agreement of boarding.
Should your pet/s become ill whilst boarding with us, we will take them to our local vets.  Any vet charges will be payable on collection. On arrival you will be asked to sign a consent form in case of this.

During periods of hot weather we will treat all animals with fly strike prevention spray, unless advised by the owner.

We accept no liability for injury sustained by you whilst on our premises.

If your pet is not collected on the agreed pick up day and we are unable to contact you with the information given by you, we will after 7 days have to look to have your pet rehomed.

The daily rate incudes the day your pet is brought to us and the day it leaves, regardless of the time of day.
Payment to be made by Paypal or in cash on the arrival day.

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